Luino: the biggest market on lake maggiore

Luino is the principal town of the bank lombarda of the Most greater Lake, it rises in proximity of the border with Switzerland and it has as characteristic that to have been the first commune in Italy to erect a monument in honor of Joseph Garibaldi, hero of the revival that reached Luino in 1848 to organize a second army after the first one had been defeated by the Austrians in the battle of Custoza.

This and other events are illustrated in the Civic Museum of Building Verbania.

Luino is also known to international level for the famous market of Wednesday where, during the summer period, a lot of tourists pour again him among the innumerable stands, that occupy the principal city streets to the search of the good purchase. Every kind of commodity is offered by noisy and persuasive sellers, from the cibaries to the suits, to the flowers and accessories you launch.

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