The public boat service not schedule more used for reaching and to enjoy the most beautiful places of the Borromean Gulf and Lake maggiore.

The public ferry boat service not shedule of  Lake Maggiore Islands offers an exclusive service of boat trip for the Borromean Islands and all the places of interest that lean out on the banks of the Lake Maggiore, been born for satisfying the demands of whom loves to travel in liberty, it makes various boats to be able to satisfy the demands of the single one as those of groups, parties or schools available. We rent motorboats, watertaxi to visit the fascinating Lake Maggiore: with ours modern and comforting tourist shuttle and motorboat you can see the most suggestive and characteristic places among which the Borromeam islands , the Castles of Cannero, Stresa, Villa Taranto, Verbania, the hermitage of Saint Caterina , Laveno, Luino and near Switzerland. The organization Lake Maggiore Islands is able to manage groups of great dimensions. The principal advantages that they derive I am the absence of ties of schedule and boring tails of it, could enjoy some beauties of the Lake Maggiore in absolute relax.The purpose that the organization is established Islands Greater Lake is to satisfy any  guestes's demand from the couple to the organized groups. With our boats we offer the possibility to effect splendid visits driven to the beauties of the Lake Maggiore.

For the most demanding we offer besides the possibility of nighttime cruises in the Borromean Gulf with standstill and characteristic dines on the islands; not to neglect themotorboat and tourist shuttle service for a suggestive trip on the lake in the day of your marriage. However possible to reach all the destinations endowed with public dock or deprived where on the Lake Maggiore there is the possibility of fit berth. They organizes, over that tourist excursions of the lake, also transports for meeting, congresses and fast transference in the select places. We effect service of connection through taxi-boat, of charter boat and of rental for your trips of job and we effect public service of motorboats for your tours on the Lake Maggiore. Let us lead by a competent and professional public service is not scheduled. Discover the palaces and gardens, exciting flavors and traditions that remain in the heart.

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